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Civil aviation expthick rubber braceletso opens in Beijing thickrubberbracelets

Civil aviation expthick rubber braceletso opens in Beijing

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    The First China Civil Aviation Expo on Scientific, Technological and Educational Innovation opened Wednesday afternoon at the Beijing Exhibition Center.

    More than 80 government departments, domestic enterprises and institutes are taking part in the three-day event hosted by the China Civil Aviation Science Popularization Foundation and China Civil Aviation Media Group.

    Feng Zhenglin, head of the China Civil Aviation Administration, attended the expo"s opening ceremony and then took a guided tour of the event. He also addressed a discussion session on scientific and technological innovation in civil aviation held at the center.

    Feng said innovation in science, technology and education for civil aviation is of great importance to China"s efforts in building a strong civil aviation sector.

    The expo, the first of its kind in China, features the latest products in civil aviation industry, ranging from advanced flight-monitoring systems to smart security-check devices.

    Over the past five years, the country"s civil aviation authorities invested nearly 10 billion yuan ($1.56 billion) in scientific research, technological development and educational endeavors. Fourteen key laboratories and research centers were set up during that same period, according to the Civil Aviation Administration.